Renee Ruth aims for the stars with her new self-titled EP.

Renee Ruth

Catching the music bug is a peculiar thing. However, this “bug” changes directions. Whatever drives us to go through the music business meat grinder may change over time. Most want to be famous and bask in adulation. Chasing fame and the fatigue of constant self-promo may cause artists to lose track of why they began. Taking a break from music may reveal what meant the most. The feeling of accomplishment from taking an idea and turning it into a song is powerful. Renee Ruth caught the bug when singing at her church. From church she graduated to local bands who played mostly covers.  Wanting more in 2011 she got herself a producer and some studio time to release her own material. The ambitious never rest. She continues moving forward debuting with us her new four song self-titled EP, Renee Ruth

Leading the charge is “We Are One” who’s positive message and grand vocals take center stage. Renee borrows from the best with nods to Celine Dion and Katy Perry. “We Are One” does remind me a bit of “Roar” by Katy Perry. A combination of orchestra components and grand piano keys stack up well with powerful synths. Renee’s vocals enhance the music as they should. Her singing feels like an angelic synth. Better yet, musical MSG that makes everything delicious. I love the windows she chooses to sing in. She doesn’t overplay her position, instead places the song’s needs first. I admire that.

Changing gears, the EP’s final track is directed at the dancefloor. An EDM bass drum kick straight from the Miami Winter Music Conference pushes the beat. Tight percussion and arpeggiated synth notes pack a punch.  There’s treatment on her vocal’s that separates this single from the others. Renee sounds at home on the track.  How the shaking shaker’s rhythm and her vocal’s playfully volley in the chorus is pure gold.  I found a “Despacito” by Lois Fonsi and Daddy Yankee vibe with a Paula Abdul twist emanating from the speakers. Overall “Lose My Breath” is written with a minimalist approach but rewards us handsomely.

My mind goes straight to Miami when I listen to this EP. Odd because I’ve never been to Miami. Also, Renee Ruth is from Lynchburg, Virginia.  I am guilty of watching Bad Boys 2 a few too many times. I love when music gives us a vibe and whisks us away. It’s the escape we all seek. From beginning to end, Renee Ruth and her self-titled EP offer an undeniable vibe. She has a sound that’s all her own. I hear influences ranging from 80’s/90’s pop to adult contemporary. Artists like Berlin, Gloria Estefan and Barbara Streisand come to mind. There’s a borderline soft pop quality to her music that drives the experience, gentle yet bold.

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