Sepsiss Brings The Power back To Metal


There is little in this world that can get your heart pumping and fill you with energy like Metal music can. The power can grab you right away and provide that needed push. Our recent discovery of Sepsiss has pushed this love for metal even further.

Based in Manchester, New Hampshire, the female fronted metal band is here to bring the sound back to the forefront. The band started back in 2011 when Melissa Wolfe and William Savant came together to share their passion for the style and build the complete beast that is Sepsiss. The group is rounded out by Cam “Loud” on guitar, Robert “Pann”l on drums, and Mr Goodbarz at the keyboard. Together as Sepsiss, they provide a powerful sound that blurs the metal genre lines with a sound that is all their own using modern rhythms, light synths, & a blend of urban hardcore. Melissa provides the clean and sultry vocals while William adds his growl to the harsher pieces. All the pieces seem to be in place here as the band has been building up quite the following.

Hear And See The Power of Sepsiss

The latest entry by Sepsiss into their strong musical catalog is “To Write Hate On His Arms”. Right from the start we know we are in for something different with the elegant yet haunting keyboard sound. The guitars come crashing in along with a pounding drum beat to let us know this is pure Metal.

Back and forth vocals keep the ears of the listener pinned back waiting to see where they go. The power here is non stop as each piece of the band combines to form something complete. The exotic sounds provided by Mr Goodbarz add a unique element separating Sepsiss from the crowded scene.

The well produced music video for “To Write Hate On His Arms” shows off the energetic live show of the band while also showing off their artistic creativity telling a story with jumping visuals and interesting cuts. All the pieces ar in place for Sepsiss to take charge of the metal scene well beyond their New Hampshire home.

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