Shannon M Hurley Teaches Us The ‘Way To Love’

Shannon M Hurley

Music will always be about creating emotions and connections. The artist that takes this into consideration and opens up their heart and soul while creating music will quickly gain a large fanbase that is connected and ready to support the artist however they can. Our recent discovery Shannon M Hurley seems to be on the right track with this and has the following to match.

The rising pop star stunner is one of the hardest working people we have seen in a while. First in her education. Shannon M Hurley focused on school and was able to secure a degree in Physics and graduate early. That same focus is put into her music putting in the work needed to produce the best possible song. Connecting with her listeners is the focus as she hopes to share the same emotions they are. 

The latest single by Shannon M Hurley is the poignant “Way To Love”. She strives to capture that genuine connection right off the bat with her emotion-fueled vocal style. It reaches deep into the soul to relate to any listener. The bubbly chorus brings the smile back, and a fun energy. The production is top notch here with effects to maximize the effect of what Shannon is sharing.

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