Sleeping Horses Releases Sophomore Album ‘Water For Air’

sleeping horses

Hailing from the wast coast in Portland, Oregon, James Randolph Fouty is the man behind the one-man-show that is Sleeping Horses.


Fouty has been passionate about music his entire life and is so devoted to the art that he took a custodial job at his former high school just so he could be allowed access to their orchestral room. There, he could record on the grand piano and romp through xylophones, chimes, marimbas, and timpani drum lines into the late hours of the night laying the groundwork for what would become Water for Air.


Sleeping Horses Suits the Icelandic Scene and Beyond


With his sophomore release, Water for Air, Fouty continues to maintain his personal touch recording every instrument and even designing his own artwork for the release. Water for Air picks up where Sleeping Horses’ debut left off. It has an ambient, post-rock sound that has made the artist successful in Iceland where the post-rock scene is going strong (Sigur Rós, anyone?)


The “Frozen Sea Within Us” is especially beautiful, but the album in its entirety is a treat and be heard on Spotify.

With its ambient, post-rock sound, Water for Air has a cinematic and atmospheric quality to it this fitting with the fact that Sleeping Horses’ work has soundtracked many a documentary and television program.


Speaking about his project, Fouty says, “With the fury of a thousand distant supernovae and the calm of the space that lies between them, Sleeping Horses is always able to capture that exact moment when one dares to blink during a picture or open their eyes during a kiss. Sleeping Horses is a solo orchestra, a boisterous ambient chaos of climactic whispers, the soft winds that slip in and out of his tracks are breathy and effortless.”


Capturing those minuscule but important and almost indescribable, moments is exactly what Sleeping Horses achieves through Water for Air. Have a listen for yourself here and stay updated on Sleeping Horses Facebook here.   

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