Speak, Brother is ‘Young and Brave’ in Upcoming Debut Album

Speak, Brother

If you’re looking for indie folk rock music with meaning, Speak, Brother is it. They’re a new group from the UK giving gospel-influenced folk anthems a fresh face, and their debut record is dropping April 13.


Made possible by crowdfunding efforts, Young and Brave has been long-awaited, and it’s not going to disappoint. Speak, Brother channels their emotion and honesty into music with a welcoming sense of vulnerability.


As you listen to Speak, Brother, it’s understandable why their crowdfunding efforts were successful. They have that sound that made Mumford and Sons so popular, wrapped up in songs that are energetic and emotionally charged.


Speak, Brother’s Young and Brave Explores Stories Through Powerful Music


For Young and Brave only being their first album, Speak, Brother has an impressive understanding of the sound they are aiming to produce.


The record opens with “Magnificent,” a track that transports the listener somewhere else entirely. At the beginning, the melodies are gentle and faded while the vocals enter strong and take the lead. Within a minute, the voice propels the song’s energy to a new level, and it swells to a swinging and upbeat groove.


It only continues to grow in intensity and passion throughout, embodying the “magnificent” spirit that it’s all about.

“Magnesium Burn” is a track that’s brimming with energy from the first moment. It’s a declaration of strength, proven by both the strong vocals and instrumental layers alike. “I’m not afraid,” the lyrics repeat, becoming stronger and more declamatory with each iteration.


A high point of the record is their single “Lions Roar,” which was actually featured as the official song of the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Years later, it has found its place on Young and Brave.


The chorus is an anthem at its strongest, creating the motivation to stay strong and keep trying “as lions roar.” Polished for the full-length album, “Lions Roar” represents the musical journey that has led Speak, Brother to this upcoming release.

Speak, Brother’s debut full-length record, Young and Brave, is due out April 13.


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