Son GunnPlayy Rises Above Struggles With New Music

Son Gunnplayy

Real life has a way of getting in the way of many thriving music careers.  There will be many obstacles that the world throws at you.  The artist with a true drive and dedication will power through and continue striving to reach their goal of a successful music career.  Our recent find Son GunnPlayy has had the struggles and is still on course with new music on the way.

The rapper and entrepreneur hails from Louisville, Kentucky.  The rap game found Son GunnPlayy at an early age.  He was rapping at 7 years old and writing his own songs within the year.  As his skills grew, Son GunnPlayy took it to the streets and earned his cred spitting freestyle and battling all comers.  

The street hip hop scene can take some dark paths.  Getting caught up trying to make a life for himself through the struggle ended up in a real hurdle.  Son GunnPlayy ended up doing a 6 year stint in the pen.  This time allowed him to reassess life and make some grand plans for his release.  The result is his new label called S.O.N. Nation.  It stands for Something Outta Nothing.  With this his goal is to provide a better life for his kids and show them the way to success.

Indie Band Guru had a chance to dive into some recent music by Son GunnPlayy and see how far he has come.  



On “2 Bitches” he shows off his powerful vocal style that hits the listener right in the gut.  There is anger, there is love, there is drive and desire for more.  The beat drags behind the lyrics with a slow feel letting the focus be where it should be.

Premiere of “KY Blu” by Menace Montana & Son Gunnplayy

Son GunnPlayy often shares the mic with his childhood friend Menace Montana who also has a gift with words.  The as of yet unreleased “KY Blu” is a perfect example of the pairing.  They each pound out a bombastic style with stops and starts that demand attention.  The background is full of seemingly random sounds that combine to work together for a full sonic feel.  It may be dark but there is light at the end of the tunnel for these two.

There is more music coming soon.  Keep an eye on the Son GunnPlayy SOUNDCLOUD and FACEBOOK page for updates.  You can touch base with him on Twitter @SonGunnplayy

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