Stephen Babcock Gets you Feeling Carefree in ‘Atlanta’ and Everywhere Else

Stephen Babcock

Singer-songwriter from New York Stephen Babcock has released “Atlanta,” his brand new single. The single is featured on his new EP, Fiction, which dropped on April 6.


Babcock learned to play guitar at the young age of 15. His love for music continued to grow and lead to him creating two EPs and two LPs throughout his musical career. He began as a drummer and slowly transitioned into songwriting and incorporating a percussive style into playing guitar and singing.


This can be witnessed in “Atlanta.” Everything about this song has a hint of the happiest percussion, which is what makes it such an attractive piece.


Stephen Babcock Puts us Through a Happy and Charming Journey with ‘Atlanta’


The song consists of a chirpy tone full of powerful drums and perky acoustic guitar. The pedal steel gives it a beautiful and whimsical touch. That and the drums are what really make this song so incredible.


However, the most interesting part of the song is the organ. Although it’s not a predominant element of the song, it’s still there and noticeable. It gives a unique touch to the piece, making it that much more amazing.


The vocals are absolutely stunning and flow out graciously. Babcock’s tenor voice gives you the mental image of him bouncing down the streets and effortlessly belting out this song on a sunny day. As I previously mentioned, the pedal steel and drums make the song incredible, but Babcock’s voice tops it all off in an amazing way.


Overall, the tune gives off positively happy vibes that make you want to hit the replay button over and over again. I sure did.


The melody is catchy and gets you feeling free and energetic. All these elements together make an extremely happy and lovable song. This taste of the EP promises great things that cannot come any sooner.


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