SuriLee Keeps The Fire Burning With Debut Record


Music lives deep in the soul of an artist. Once the spark has been ignited it can never truly burn out. There may be times when other duties of life call but music will always be there waiting underneath the surface waiting for its chance to shine again. This spark has turned back into a raging fire in our recent discovery SuriLee.


The singer-songwriter was brought up in Mumbai, India. The sounds of Bollywood caught her attention early and she would sing to whoever would listen from an early age. Her passion continued as she trained her vocal talents all through college. SuriLee participated in public performances singing Bollywood songs during her annual college gatherings in front of hundreds of people. As she stood on the stage singing and connecting with the crowd, she knew that singing is where her true spirit resided.


A career in music was not in the cards at that time though. SuriLee earned a Masters Degree in Accounting from the University of Baltimore in 2011. She also started a family as traditional values determined.


Music Finds A Way For SuriLee


The passion for music returned with a vengeance. Her children acted as inspiration for SuriLee to pursue her real dream. The result is her upcoming debut album Wild Lilly. She was lucky enough to work with talented producer David Hughes at Shine On Studios in Oakland, CA. to guide the record to fruition.



The lead single is the entrancing “Never Understood.” The minimalistic beat sits in the background as the vocals of SuriLee take the lead. Her voice soars seemingly reaching deep into the soul of the listener. A trancelike feeling will come over you and leave you in a well relaxed mood by the songs end.


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