Tacoma Narrows Funding Their Upcoming Tour

Tacoma Narrows

Photo by Iain Toft

Tacoma Narrows is a New York-based indie outfit with boundless potential and they’re gaining popularity at an alarming rate. After having released just one album, Good Mourning, they’ve already seen great successes like headlining sold out shows at Manhattan’s Rockwood Music Hall and even winning NPR’s “Great Outdoor” contest out of over 6,000 competitors.

Currently, the band is completely independent and has conquered many of the music industry’s largest beasts (i.e recording, producing, promo, booking tours, etc.) entirely on their own accord. None of that would be possible without their fans and the hundreds of helping hands pushing them along the way — and they’d like to keep the ball rolling.

Tacoma Narrows has just a few days left on their Kickstarter campaign and could use your help to raise as much money possible to kick off their upcoming 12-city tour with a bang. When you pledge, be sure to check out the great incentives they’ve come up with.

Live and In Color

Tacoma Narrows is a band known especially for their awe-striking live performances.

In 2015, Music Connection voted Tacoma Narrows in their “Top 100 Live Performances” list and they’ve lived up to it ever since. In concert they’re outrageously upbeat and truly have a knack for simply forcing the audience into an uproar with nothing but music and pure energy.

Their music stems from a blend of at least five different genres. In songs like, “Life and Love” we hear a very strong bluegrass and early Americana influence whereas in “Just Wait” the musicians seem to be pulling from classic rock inspirations just as much.

What’s really great is that the band creates all of their music organically and with authentic instrumentation. On top of that, they have a great sense of storytelling lyricism and never fail to spin a tale with their music. You can check out all of their music on their Soundcloud.

Tacoma Narrows: Start Big, End Bigger

You just don’t come across a band like Tacoma Narrows every day. They’re a six-man group with excellent chemistry both on stage and in the recording studio. They’ve got heartwarming lyricism, showcasing both talent and insight. And above all else, they ‘re flat out likable.With just one album under their belt, they’ve already amassed a powerful and devoted fanbase out of their home state and it’s just too early for them to stop now.

There’s no doubt that they’ll only go up from here, but there is just one thing that’s uncertain.

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