Takashi – Re-Issue Of Classic Metal Long Forgotten


There is a past to the music you love today and a trail that was built by a multitude of bands that you may have heard the name of but never actually had the opportunity to listen to their music.  This was before you could instantly stream a song on your phone from any artist that comes to mind.  A band like Takashi would be much more well known if they started today.

The hard rock and heavy metal outfit was a force when they formed in New York City back in 1982.  TAKASHI was made up of vocalist Danny Stanton, guitar duo Craig Kory and Bob Simonson with rhythm section Tom Cangemi on bass and drummer Chuck Kory.  The energy, wild look and showmanship of the band gained local attention quickly and spread internationally as well with features in big publications of the time such as Hit Parade and Kerrang.  (Remember Rock magazines?)  In 1983 the startup label Mongol Horde Records jumped at the chance to release an EP by Takashi called Kamikaze Killers.  This helped launch the small label to become one of the cult classic labels of metal.  But as quickly as they rose, Takashi seemed to disappear into thin air.  

Takashi is back from obscurity

Now 33 years later Heaven Or Hell Records has stepped in to shed light on these Power Rangers Of Metal and re-issue Kamikaze Killers for the first time on CD.  In addition to the original tracks on the EP some extra songs will be added including a live version of “No Pay Toll” from 1984.  The raw energy of the Takashi jumps at you right away with the opener “Strangler” transporting you back to a time of real metal music.  The guitars, drums, and wail of vocalist Danny Stanton build a wall of sound through tracks like “Mad Max” and “Ninja Warrior”.  The standout of the re-issue is the classic “Kill Or Be Killed”.  From start to finish there exudes a larger than life energy with the rawness of grinding guitars and group vocals inviting everyone to enjoy the party.  

Go get a listen to how metal used to feel HERE.

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