The Interrupters ‘Fight The Good Fight’ With Their Brand New Album

The Interrupters

The Interrupters are a Los Angeles-based band with a ska-punk sound. Their new album, Fight The Good Fight, has this sound with a bit more pop-punk mixed in.


The Interrupters Use the Perfect Mixture of Ska and Punk


The trio, The Interrupters, consists of Aimee Interrupter, Kevin Bivona, and Justin Bivona. They have shared stages with Rancid, Blink-182, and Bad Religion. The band even ended up headlining their own tour and supporting for Green Day.


The first thing that comes to mind when listening to the album is “Summer”. The mixture of fun Ska music with the edge of punk-rock within the whole album gives off summery feels. After listening through the album, I was excited to go on a car ride on a sunny day and jam out to the whole album once again.


Some criticism the band faced at first was their lack of lyric complexity. Fortunately, it seems like they have come a long way.



Fight The Good Fight Puts on a Good Fight for Ska Music


Songs like “Got Each Other” consist of a rougher, punkier sound. Although the lyrics are a bit cheesier, it has a catchy melody and fun instrumentals that keep you hooked. This is a good example that punk can still be unique and happy.


In “Gave You Everything,” Interrupter is heavier on vocals. Her lower, rougher voice maintains the punk sound. The emotion behind it shines through while the song itself sounds happier than the message.


“She’s Kerosene” is one of the songs with the most ska vibes. It works well as a summer tune and anthemic piece. The lyrics have emotion and are carried out nicely with the guitar and drums throughout the song.


“Outrage” starts off strong and instantly hooks you with the drums. The vocals are attractive and calm. The guitar solo at the end is impressive and finishes the song strong while paired with powerful vocals. Its ending is one of the best on the album.


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