The Only’s – Solo Project Creating Uniquely Pretty Sounds

There are more and more artists popping up nowadays that seemingly come from nowhere.  This stems from the fact that they are able to write, record, and produce the music by themselves in the privacy of their own home studio.  One such project that is starting to gain attention is The Only’s.

The brainchild behind the project is multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter Mark Poseler.  Hailing from the outskirts of Toledo, Ohio, The Only’s create a unique and inviting sound that borrows from many sides of contemporary music.  Music has been populating The Only’s Soundcloud page for the last year building up momentum for more music to come.

Latest in the string of interesting by The Only’s is “Sing For You”

The latest song “Sing For You” is a beautiful piece that lays it all out there.  The multiple textures layered in the sound and background vocals create a full sonic space that envelops the listener.  For one man to create such a buildup is quite impressive.  We are looking forward to hearing more music by The Only’s soon.  You should too.

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