“Love Into Action” Is Remastered And Revamped

The Stray Trolleys

Back in 1979, a group formed that will remain prevalent to the music industry for decades to come. That group is called The Stray Trolleys. Formed by Martin Newell who had just came from Gypp, The Stray Trolleys brought together four men who shared a similar passion for the music scene. This past January, the groups album Barricades and Angels was remastered and re-released along with a bonus track “Mrs. Killer.”

Being able to make a name for yourself in one of the toughest industries out there and sub sequentially taking that name and making it last until the 21st century is an achievement that not many have been able to accomplish. Artists and groups will come and go, but it seems as though The Stray Trolleys are here to stay.

The Stray Trolleys Really Put “Love Into Action” With New Album

“Love Into Action” is only one track from the album, originally released back in 1982, and the upbeat tempo of the track overall adds to the lasting ability. In a time where it seems as though many are divided, one thing that continuously keeps us together is the power of music, and this lighthearted track making a comeback is exactly what we needed. Sometimes you just have to let go of all the small things and really enjoy the beat of a good musical number.

The track starts off with a rhythmic beat that leads into echoing vocals that already have you nodding your head along and tapping your foot. The steady drumming blends perfectly with the consistent vocals, and by the chorus of the track, you most certainly have already started singing along, regardless if you know the words or not.

Overall, the consistency within the song makes it one to remember, and by the end you’re left wanting more. Of course, you’ll have to check out the rest of the album to get that!

Listen to “Love Into Action” now over on the groups SoundCloud.

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