TheKunig – Enter The Chill Zone


The art of building a song is something that takes a great amount of skill.  The goal should be to create a feeling or emotion that sends the listener to a different place.  Sometimes that place will be dancing around in an energy fueled rage.  In the case of our recent find TheKunig, the place he takes you to has a chill vibe that lets smooth relaxation take over.

The solo artist mixes smooth instrumental sounds with thoughtful rap lyrics to bring you up.  TheKunig uses a mix of Drum loops, synth sounds, sequencers, bass, and samples.  He has been known to add the vocal help of some extremely talented, yet unsigned female singers.  

The music has been getting noticed.  TheKunig has been featured 5 times on the BBC Introducing show and once on BBC Radio 6 MixTape.  TheKunig’s music has also been played regularly on Central FM Spain showing that this music is truly international.


The latest offering from TheKunig is simply titled “What?”.  The low-key jazz styling creates lush tones to set the mind at ease while the lyrics share truth.  The elegant sounds seem to come in from all angles.  They take turns drawing the mind in and out of the beat and vocals.  By the time you reach the end of the track both body and mind are in a complete state of chill.

You can hear more on iTunes.

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