Thunderbird Is Back With More In Your Face Rock


The power of straight-up rock continues. Our Canadian friends from Thunderbird are back again with more music to bring back the power of good old classic rock. A new self-titled album has been released today.


The hard rock band originally formed back in 2003 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The foursome is now made up of Marc LaFrance-vocals; Brice Tabish-guitars; Rob Becker-bass; and Kelly Stodola-drums. After the first Thunderbird record, What’s The Word the group went in different directions and went on a 10-year hiatus. We covered the reunion album Heavyweight HERE.


Now the boys are back with a new record Thunderbird. The 12-track record was recorded in Vancouver and mixed by legendary engineer Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Van Halen, Aerosmith.) The classic hard rock sound has not diminished one bit and is fresh as ever.


The opener “Liar (Fool’s Gold)” starts the record off with a bang and some shredding by former member Rod ‘Doc’ Coogan. There is a progressive tone mixed in here to cover all the best of our rock memories. “Little Jenny” continues this raw energy. It also includes one of the most missed parts of the current music scene – the guitar solo! (Brice Tabish displaying his particular set of skills here.)


Thunderbird loves guitar solos and so do we!



There is a darker vibe on “Painted Lady” as some dark heavy metal influence of yesteryear can be heard. The grinding guitars and staunch vocal delivery set the mood perfectly. This continues on “Revolution” as well with some raw guitar tones.


The band shows their range with “Man Of Clay” as they head into ballad territory. The lyrics take on some pretty heavy material to make the listener think. I assumed the following track “I’m With You” may continue that softer side but the energy was turned back up to 11 for a head-banging good time.


The album closes with the innovative roar of “Vampire” which includes a string section. This adds another log to the fire that is Thunderbird. Whether you yearn for a hard rock past or want to add some raw rock energy to your future, this is the record for you.


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