Tom Lumley Releases Highly Anticipated Single ‘Just Like The Light’

Tom Lumley

Up-and-coming Cambridge artist Tom Lumley just released a new single titled “Just Like The Light”. He’s previously wowed his listeners with his debut EP, Dream City, so listeners had high hopes for the single. Fortunately, it’s a great combination of the things people liked about Dream City plus much more. The heavy guitar riffs and rock-based drums combined with soft, yet raspy Ed Sheeran-like vocals created a track not to go unheard.

Lumley isn’t only capable of solid guitar jams and swooning accented vocals, though. In addition to the dense sound of the full band, the lyrics are also deep. He sings “you only want me when you’ve been let down / Only want me when they’re not around.” So far, the instrumentals have been excitingly fun and full of talent, but now the heartfelt lyrics add an extra amount of intensity and maturity to the track.

Not surprisingly, we aren’t the only one’s who appreciate Tom Lumley and his creative music mind.

Lumley recently won the Best Male Solo Artist award at the NMG Awards in Cambridge. The singer-songwriter has also played at many popular venues in the UK since he began his music career about three years ago. He’s since spent a lot of time on the road supporting some major groups.

Somehow, Lumley still found time to spend in the recording studio, resulting in Dream City and “Just Like The Light”. Dream City was a huge hit, charting No.2 in the UK iTunes Rock Chart and No.46 in the UK iTunes Album Chart. In addition to those outstanding placements, radio stations around the country aired the EP. The local BBC Introducing show even supported him throughout the whole process as well.

As if Lumley hasn’t burst into the music scene quickly enough, he’s also officially announced tour dates starting in October. It’s safe to say “Just Like The Lights” is only the beginning of the future of Tom Lumley.

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