It’s Not “Hard to Love” Latest EP by Too Close To Touch

Too Close To Touch

Get ready to break out the black clothes and draw on dark eyeliner because the age of angst is among us yet again! Whether you’re the current embodiment of emo or have left your days of brooding behind, it’s fairly safe to say that almost all of us have personified punk at some point in time. Popular across a wide span of ages and listeners, the success and survival of punk rock can be largely attributed to the genre’s versatility and relatability. Bursting onto this scene with many alternative awards already under their belt, Kentucky based band Too Close To Touch is no stranger to recognition and is ready for more with their latest EP, I’m Hard To Love But So Are You, Vol. 1.

Too Close To Touch Makes Rock Relatable

Formed in 2012 and currently signed to Epitaph Records, Too Close To Touch is composed of lead vocalist Keaton Pierce, guitarist Mason Marble, and drummer Kenny Downey. Following the debut of their first EP in 2014, the band racked up quite the tour record which notably included an appearance at the prestigious Vans Warped Tour in 2016. While the group has drawn upon influences such as Walk the Moon and The 1975 in curating their visual aesthetic, they refuse to let boundaries define them or their individualistic sound. Describing past albums as “brutally honest” and “full of emotion and purpose,” Too Close To Touch brings more of the same driven passion in their latest EP.

Dropped as a surprise release on January 18th, I’m Hard To Love But So Are You, Vol. 1 features three songs mixed by producers Erik Ron, Mike Green, and Rune Westberg who have also worked with bands such as Panic! At theDisco and All Time Low. The songs are characterized by a dark lyrical and instrumental energy that primarily draws upon the theme of rebuilding yourself in the wake of relationship destruction. Presented with a profound intensity, each song seems to unite listeners through the universal struggle of coping with and moving on from loss while reminding us that we are not alone in our battles. Despite the somber sound of this EP, “I’m Hard To Love But So Are You, Vol. 1 tells the story of triumphing over these tribulations by encouraging listeners to focus their energy on all that they are worth and keep in mind that no good comes from personal blame. Keep your fingers crossed that Vol. 1 is only the beginning because whether you’re getting over an ex or just have a passion for punk rock, Too Close To Touch is ready to help us all embrace the emotional.

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