Tough On Fridays Continue Momentum With Simplicity III

Tough On Fridays

While 2020 has halted momentum for so many people across all sectors of life, Texas’ pop-punk act Tough On Fridays has continued to pump out content for their incredibly eager fans.

Early May saw the release of a double-single, Simplicity II which showcased the maturity and diversity these girls are carrying into 2020. But the ball has not stopped rolling there as Tough On Fridays dropped another tantalizing double-single on July 3rd.

Simplicity III continues to showcase just how ready this act is to take the world by storm. Packed with raw emotions and the grunge-rock stylings that we all fell in love with from the 90’s, Simplicity III reminds us why grunge still holds a place in our modern music world.

“Lonely Eyes Pine” starts with daunting vocals over top of a gritty guitar, creating the perfect ambiance for this song. Every second of this song ends up oozing with the sense of loneliness and desperation, making for one hell of a powerful feeling for a song less than three minutes long.

The second track, “Out Of The Blue (The Deep End)” beams with angst as vocalist, Caleigh lets her voice boom over a smashing drum beat and riffing guitar. Raw and powerful, this track feels like the peak of the maturation I’ve seen from Tough On Fridays.

It’s clear that Tough On Fridays has spent time perfecting their art and that their hard work has paid off. Simplicity III is the third, double-single release that this act has dropped this year and they are showing no signs of slowing their momentum. Keep up with Tough On Fridays, their dedication to their musical growth is going to lead to big things for them in good time.

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