Track Seven Band – Mashup Of Genres Creates Something Fresh

Track Seven Band

The future of music will always be fusions of different genres repurposed to create something fresh and new.  There are many great sounds out there in each genre, so why limit yourself to just one?  Our new discovery Track Seven Band is here to take us all on a new journey into sound.

The group began its formation back in 2011 in the Bronx, New York when frontman, Cost began searching to assemble a full band to compliment his socially aware lyrics.  Just as important was finding performers that could bring it to the live stage.  Track Seven Band was not going to just be stuck in a studio somewhere writing music, their sound is meant to be heard and witnessed live.  Although deeply rooted in Hip-Hop, the collaboration of sounds connects the elements of Rap, Rock, R&B, and Funk into one cohesive and melodic sound.  This has opened up doors for Track Seven Band to perform in front of diverse audiences drawing in fans from multiple genres.  

After 4 years of crushing stages, Track Seven Band went into the studio to put together their debut The Try And The Fail EP.  The 7 track record is a perfect introduction to their mashup of sound.  

Get A Taste Of Track Seven Band


The opener “The Message” starts it off with a bunch of different funk and jazz undertones buried under the fast paced and smart lyrics that seem to create a party atmosphere.  You can sense the true emotion in “Go Get It”.  Track Seven Band has a mission and they will pour everything they have in to achieve their goals.  I even hear a taste of reggae on “I See You Boy”.  The group vocal dynamic here seems to welcome every listener in to sing along and become part of the tribe.  On “Doubt Me” the tone is slowed down but the energy remains as the real thoughts of the group are shared.  Track Seven Band is not afraid to let you know that they are on a path to stardom whether you like it or not.  The title track “The Try And The Fail” closes the record with every bit of instrumentation the group can find squeezed into the mix.  The vocals speed up a little but remain very understandable and relatable.  

Good things are on the horizon for Track Seven Band.  Keep up with them here:

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