SLØTFACE Paves the Way for the Future of Punk


With the reemergence of the punk-rock genre has come a wealth of skilled new bands to take up the banner. Like all truly valuable genres, it refuses to die.

One of the most notable up-and-coming punk bands is Norwegian group SLØTFACE. With the release of their debut EP Sponge State, SLØTFACE has continued punk’s tradition of social awareness and passion.

Dealing with topics like feminism, independence, and abuse, SLØTFACE shows great potential to be the future face of punk. Their driving, grungy passion and deep, blunt, thought-provoking lyrics display genuine talent.

The foursome, led by singer Haley Shea, each have a set of skills that come together to make something really significant.

SLØTFACE EP Sponge State is Ferocious

The first track on the EP, “Get My Own” launches right into the grungy punkishness that dominates SLØTFACE’s style. Shea’s vocal style resembles that of female-led punk outfits of the past, such as the B-52’s and Joan Jett. “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” takes on a more light rock vibe, showing the group’s more alternative side.

“Sponge State,” the EP’s title track, is a tortured love song, dealing with pain and abuse. Its energetic rock form is driven by real emotion. “Shave My Head” dives even deeper into the anatomy of a possessive relationship, with Shea repeating the refrain with increasing intensity: “I’d never shave my head for you.” Rather than dwelling on a breakup, “Shave My Head” takes more of a “good riddance” approach to a failed relationship.

The skill and drive for social change that SLØTFACE displays so well on Sponge State has what it takes to be the next big thing for punk rock. Since the genre is seeing such a great resurgence lately, it’s progressive bands like this that will truly shape the direction the genre takes.

In the meantime, if SLØTFACE continues in the direction they’re going with Sponge State, then they should find themselves at the forefront.


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