Traveller – Dedication To The Skill of Songwriting


The art of songwriting is not just ingrained in certain select people.  Some individuals may have some raw God given talent but it takes hard work and dedication to write quality songs on a consistent basis.  If you are willing to devote your time and energy to the craft it can become a true passion.  Our recent find Traveller is a great example of taking the time to become skilled at the profession.

The man behind Traveller is singer-songwriter Colin Tyler from London, England.  He started writing songs about 12 years ago at the urge of his guitar teacher.  He had previous known skills as a copywriter but found that songwriting was another talent hiding beneath the surface.  Although still only a hobby at this point, Colin pursued the skills passionately and did everything in his power to learn as much as he could about the music business in general.  He even took trips to the music hot spots in America, such as Nashville and Los Angeles to see how his talent would stack up.  

On returning to London, Colin Tyler started a gradual career transition, burning the candle at both ends for a while.  His songwriting was coming on in leaps and bounds, and he started performing and recording with other musicians, in order to do greater justice to his material.  He was part of the rock band Silent Frenzy for a while which achieved some minor success before the mix of creatives fizzled out and the band split up.  

He became more determined than ever and gave up the day job to pursue music full time. This then is Traveller.  A new sound, a more experienced and wiser musician, and songs that appeal to the masses.  The genre of Traveller could be described as artistic pop/rock with a catchiness that appeals to all.

The latest track by Traveller is “Universe”.  From the start you get a dark vibe with ambient sounds dripping in the background as the rising bassline pairs with an interesting vocal delivery to keep your ears glued to the song.  The bridge turns a corner and introduces an almost psychedelic tone to the track.  There is a lot of instrumentation going on within this one but each has its own space in the well mixed song.  

You can dive into the song for yourself HERE.

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