Tyler Brant – Relating To Fans With Personal Songs

Tyler Brant

One of the best ways to connect with fans is to be open and share true experiences and feelings about your own life.  Potential fans of independent artists want to feel as if you are one of their friends that they can talk to and be part of helping your career grow.  Save the “better than thou” attitude for when you are signed by a major. Lol.  Our recent find Tyler Brant wants to be your friend.

The singer-songwriter and Country Music artist hails from the heart of the Midwest.  His unique style combines classic country twang with a modern sound and feel to craft something very fresh and pop friendly.  Tyler Brant finds a way to tell stories that happened in his life and share them with others that no doubt have had similar experiences.  This has drawn in fans in droves as he continues to tour and spread his music.

The song that has really been gaining attention is “Too In Love”.  It combines the classic country sound with the relaxed vibes of a California beach.  The story is one that hits pretty close to home.  In Tyler Brant’s words “I wrote the song about an experience when I thought the grass was greener on the other side. The woman I was dating was incredible and I could say she was one of my first loves but in youth, I guess mistakes are meant to be made. So, not wanting to be “tied down” I broke up with her and went toward what I thought would be wild times. It didn’t take long to realize I had made a mistake and, of course, she was with someone else.”  

Take A Listen To “Too In Love” By Tyler Brant here:


The peppy vibe is perfect for your summer playlist as you cruise with the top of you Jeep off. From the mellow and introspective verses to the powerful and energetic chorus, this a song that is ready for the ears of the mainstream country and pop listeners.  

Keep up with the rising star that is Tyler Brant HERE.

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