Raveonettes Give “Scout” Pop-Informed Backbone



Yes, our favorite time of the month has come yet again, and albeit I might be a little late in the game this month, it’s time to talk about the newest release from The Raveonettes‘ “anti-album,” for which they will continue to release a new track monthly for 2016.

This month we are introduced to “Scout,” which which is every bit as good as the previous tracks I’ve gone over. If you’ve missed out on any of those, you can check out the other reviews here on IBG (a little shameless self-promotion going on). This track, of course, is different from the others, having a bit more of a pop-esque tempo to go along with it, but seriously leaves you feeling like a bad ass (as always).

Raveonettes Incorporate Pop Sensibilities

There’s a steady flow to the vocals that makes it sound a bit like a nursery rhyme with the rise and fall that accentuates the lyrics, and it’s extremely catchy. Of course, there’s a tad bit of profanity in it, so you might want to keep it from the ears of any youngsters around you. The Raveonettes always seem to provide an extremely entertaining and satisfying listening experience with every one of their recent releases, which I completely appreciate.

“Wanna take this memory and strangle it to death” might just be a little rage of a scorned lover, but who reading this has never been able to relate to that? If you have the slightest hint of bitterness, you’ll definitely want to check this one out. When the instruments wind down at about the 2:40 mark, things get just a little intense. The bass line that follows will stick with you for a while…. It’s just that good.

That same bass line will take you all the way to the final seconds of the song as it completely lacks any vocals, really letting you absorb everything that you’ve just hear. Once again, a very satisfying listening experience and another great track from The Raveonettes. But then again, did you really expect anything less?

Check out “Scout” and the rest of the RAVE SOUNDS OF THE MONTH over on YouTube.

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