Meet Us “Under the Gallows” For Their Electric Debut

Under the Gallows

Under the Gallows has stepped out swinging with their debut, the self-entitled Under The Gallows. This 13-song wonder is the brainchild of Denton, Texas musicians Sam Thiebaud and Brandon Gallemore. What started as a project by some heavy metal-loving high school friends in early February 2020 has turned into a full album with 13 songs (and plans for a second by the end of this year). 

Releasing just a debut EP didn’t appeal to the Texas rockers and we couldn’t be happier that they went this direction. With 13 songs following the deterioration of love, loss, and finding yourself, Under the Gallows is a solid introduction to the last year of the member’s lives and a lesson of how to come out on the other side.

Under the Gallows Walking the Heartbreak Line in “Your Way”

Opening with, “Your Way”, Under the Gallows quickly sets the scene – and it isn’t exactly pretty. Brandon’s vocals and cutting lyrics “I hope he treats you/ I hope he treats you well/ I hope he gives you the things that I couldn’t sell/ Because you were buying from someone else/I say good riddance/ Girl, I’ll see you in hell” show a man in a difficult situation, dealing with the loss of his love finding another. 

It’s a theme we see and hear in Gallemore’s voice in between lyrics of “Insomnia” where he sings “These Days I find/I can’t sleep at night/I know I care too much/I can’t keep this up” along to Thiebaud’s melodic, almost lullaby-like electric guitar or even in . It’s an alt-grunge match made in heaven and a progression you can’t help but jam along to.

And the best part is — this is something Under the Gallows made sure was an underlying part of the album. Throughout each song, Gallemore’s honest, yet gruff singing and lyrics combined with Thiebaud’s technical (and talented) lead guitar to tell a mesmerizing story. The listener can not only relate to but find solace in.

Take “Those Days” as another example. A track that keeps the listener guessing along with the lead singer’s pointed lyrics of “I don’t understand/ where this all will end/ all of those days, love/ what were we made of?” along to Thiebaud’s rhythmic licks and fun note progressions. Listeners can relate to these feelings of coming out of a relationship not knowing exactly where it went wrong or how they got to this end, and have a bit of fun while doing it.

Under the Gallows debut album is the perfect introduction to a diverse band. The tracks show that this talented duo can make art from the hard side of life, creating an album with the perfect, stinging, grunge to get you through the uncertainty of today – from never-ending jobs, lost love, or an uncertain future. Under the Gallows’ creates the perfect sound to jam away from the pain.

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