Vanbot’s newest release Collide (Krasnoyarsk), an Electro-Pop Anthem

Vanbot Collide (Karsonyarsk)

Swedes are well known for their forward thinking in design, fashion, and of course music. Their recent export, in the form of electronic-pop Vanbot. They’ve been the talk of the town already. With distinguishing vocals from hooky melodies and striking vocals, Vanbot is all about the highest level of pop craftsmanship.

Vanbot’s Collide is an electro-pop anthem, bringing a shining light back to Swedish artists and awareness to the genre.

A very simple and repetitive artificial drum beat, synth gliding over the top and vocals just float over top of everything else.

Every aspect of the song is repetitive, making the various interjected sounds of a plane roaring through the sky a unique touch.

The soft and airy vocals fit perfectly with this sound. Ester Ideskog’s high rage is layered to echo itself, making it feel as though you’re flying through the sky with Vanbot, just waiting to collide.

Collide is taking Vanbot in a new direction with a less polished sound but more expansive production on the track. This is heard on Collide with all the layers, adding major production value.

Vanbot expanding their production on songs has found Collide with major brooding and spacious undertones, giving the song much more substance.

The track was even recorded on the Trans-Siberian Railway while passing through Krasnoyarsk, Russia, which explains the addition in the track name.

Ester says:

“’Collide (Krasnoyarsk)’ was written after four days on the Trans-Siberian Railway, traveling through the deepest parts of Siberia. The temperature was just above zero, it was raining and we were passing through small villages and old industrial communities. It describes the collisions and the attractions in relationships, and having no choice but to accept the raw and un-retouched feelings. You know, it’s like the poem of David Jones: ‘It’s both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply’.”

The fourth studio album from Vanbot, ‘Siberia,’ will be released April 7th, 2017.

Be sure to check out Vanbot’s website to stay updated on their latest releases.

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