Watch For Horses Teleports to the Beautiful ‘San Junipero’

Watch For Horses

Watch For Horses has released a So-Cal pop single titled “San Junipero,” inspired by the “Black Mirror” episode by the same title. The episode takes place in an “alternative heaven” where two intrinsically different women fall in love. Despite the laws of space and time, the two seemed to have been fated to be together. Watch For Horses’ single is inspired by “the dynamic of this unforeseen relationship.”

The “San Junipero” track parallels that heavenly setting of the two-time Emmy-winning episode with its twangy guitar, laid-back vocals, and overall playful indie rock sound. Watch For Horses created a dense, dynamic song that makes it’s way closer to romantic bliss the whole way through. The song, similar to the episode, makes it’s audience question the essence of love and fate with it’s catchy chorus and layered, sweeping lyrics.

Watch For Horses Repurpose Influence with Flair

Watch For Horses has a knack for finding inspiration and turning it into something uniquely their own. The group — consisting of Joshua Borja, Julian Chavez, Bryant Genuino, and Ralph Tafoya — can transform something they see or hear into a song that can return you back to that time and place. Their music is worth more than words, as it can express their inspirations in a way that words cannot. Tafoya beautifully reveals that “music lends itself to every emotion. Every feeling. Every instinct … It has such a profound effect on the human mind.”

Furthermore, the quartet has been invested in conveying emotions through music ever since they got together in 2011. The Norwalk, CA band originally got their start by playing in clubs on both sides of the Orange-Los Angeles county line. Additionally, Watch For Horses has released two successful EP’s since then. One of them, The Evil Kid, was even added to the LA’s World Famous KROQ, which ended up winning them a place at Warped Tour.

Overall, the passion for music that Watch For Horses has is completely apparent in their songs. The group magically teleports their listeners to a blissful alternate heaven in their newest track “San Junipero” and we can’t wait to see where they’ll bring us next.

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