Welsh Avenue Release Ambient New Single

The romantic dream of cruising away from the systematic mess of the world in a speeding car under an electrifying sky. That is the fantasy that Alternative Electronic or Electronic Pop music typically caters to. A fantastic world where the strife of everyday life is not present in a mile radius. The bubble where the daydreamer can escape to, even if only for a few mere moments.

That is essentially the feeling Texan Alt-Electro artist Welsh Avenue showcases in his new single, “Two-Door Coupe”. Although, Mr. Mark DiLillo emphasized the meaning of the track in his own interpretation. “Of course, the dream is unknown; one can only get nuances from a calling, or dream…The title track refers to these infinite options that are contained in the pursuit of the unknown.”

“Two-Door Coupe” is pleasantly ambient; a care-free world where DiLillo has the freedom to create the world he imagines. The instrumental component seems to be minimalistic on the surface, but the arrangement of electrifying chords and foaming drums are ordered in perfect harmony. The drums and snares help introduce the track for the first ten seconds, as the chords begin in muscle in the arrangement. Throughout the single, the subset of chords will sway in different directions, as the drums arrange themselves in different patterns.

DiLillo’s vocals are just as instrumental any other component in this single. His vocals take the center stage, just being light enough to flow along with the rarefied instrumental. His vocals are easy on the ears and poignant enough to tell his story. Under the bubbly drum pattern and stellar chord lines, DiLillo’s vocals add onto the portrait with a narrative element. DiLillo insists that he and his partner can escape the city lights, no matter how dazzling they are, in his fast Coupe while playing the music loud enough.

“Its got dents and its got its scratches, but it never lacks when the pedal’s to the floor. We can head west or head east, it doesn’t matter to me. Either way, we’ll reach the shore.” The liners on this track are not necessarily vague. Instead, it tells you all you need to hear. The details on who this partner is or what city space they’re driving away from are up to the listener to figure out for themselves.

“Two-Door Coupe” is a dream-like single that introduces DiLillo’s talents well enough. It’s soothing to the ears and inciteful for the mind. Welsh Avenue created an Alt-Electro song for this reason and will hopefully continue that pursuit for his upcoming project titled New Ways EP released on July 24th.

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