Whenyoung Help you Experience Heaven on Earth with ‘Given Up’


The Irish but now living in London trio, Whenyoung, have released a 4 song EP titled Given Up. The band consists of singer and bassist Aoife Power, guitarist Niall Burns, and drummer Andrew Flood.


The 16-minute project progressively slows down and ends with a ballad, “Sleeper.”


While the group has their own anthemic aesthetic, they added in a Cranberries cover, “Dreams.”


Whenyoung Provide the Perfect song From a Party to Chill mood


Given Up kicks off with the title track, “Given Up,” and does not disappoint. It’s a great indicator of the group’s sound – a mixture of anthemic and motivational with a hint of a joyous chorus.


The song is unique and exciting. It’s easy to fall in love with the tune and hit repeat as soon as it ends.


The cheerful guitars add to the joy and the chorus completes the anthemic sound. Jack Saunders featured the band as Next Wave and labeled the song as a “party anthem.”



In “Heaven on Earth”, the drums play a major role. The guitars kick off as a great compliment and add a bit more of an edge to the track. The vocals then come in with appealing tone and lyrics.


Aoife Power’s voice is one to envy and adds a unique personality to every song.


Their cover of “Dreams” is unique and a great fit for Power’s voice. Whenyoung add their own spin while keeping the integrity of this iconic tune.


The EP ends with “Sleeper,” a slower wrap-up. Burns’ acoustic guitar is accompanied by Power’s beautiful, folky vocals. The lyrics are sweet and full of emotion. It’s a big difference from the party feel of “Given Up.”


Whenyoung are a talented band and definitely worth checking out. Their unique style provides a range of sounds and can cater to all the moods you could be feeling.


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