Willy And The Planks Bringing Blues Back

Willy and The Planks

We are all well aware of the everyday distractions and stresses that get in the way of our forward progress. Music has always been a great way to refocus and let the business of everyday life fade into the background. Sometimes even an escape. Our recent find Willy and The Planks are experts in providing a sound that makes all the problems just seem to fade away.

The three-piece band is based in Lebanon, Tennessee. Together as Willy and The Planks, Willy Gibbs (Guitar), Mark Noble (Vocal/Bass), and Chris Gibbs (Drums) have created their own unique Juke Joint Blues sound that is as catchy as it is chill. It is easy to hear the Mississippi talent and Tennessee traditions melding together into something fresh. The band claims influence from Muddy Waters, RL Burnside, and David Kimbrough Jr.

Willy And The Planks May Save The Blues

Remaining independent, Willy and The Planks are out there working hard to get their new self titled album into as many ears as possible. The hypnotic blues is ready to make you say “I’m alive, and I feel good”.

The lead single “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean” is Willy’s take on the much re-recorded song originally recorded in 1928 by Blind Lemon Jefferson. Other versions through the years have been created by The Grateful Dead and BB King.



On Willy and The Planks version there is a modern energy added that draws the listener into the party, even with such a dark subject. The vocals are right there in your face while the bass keeps the track moving forward. An impressive guitar solo punctuates the song with even more amazing talent.

As Blues music has its resurgence throughout the South and now heading North, I think we will be hearing a lot more from Willy and The Planks. Keep up with the band on their WEBSITE.

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