Woodes Shines Under ‘Golden Hour’


Woodes, an Australian solo artist, recently released her new EP Golden Hour. She produced this herself alongside Scott Effman, Rob Kleiner, Kateboy, Thief, Holly Martin, and Elkkie as collaborators. She used a variety of instruments and unique sounds to create this EP. Some of these sounds include thunder, wind, swords, breaking glass, and birds. The combination of all of these give her work that idiosyncratic tone.


This seven-track EP features her newest single “Origami,” as well as “Run For It” and “Dots.” Each song has a soothing tone and airy vocals. The rest of the tracks on the EP, “Hunger,” “Northern Lights,” and “Still so Young,” follow the same theme of an ethereal and unique sound.


Woodes Begins the ‘Golden Hour’ Naturally

The standout track in this EP is definitely “Hunger” due to its more tribal and natural ambience. The bass drum is a staple of the song, giving it that strong and more serious sound. A great way to start off the EP.


Once you get to “Dots,” the mood picks up and a more poppy sound is introduced. “Hunger” did not have too much of a pop element, rather a wood-like and nature packed tone. “Dots” changes the mood and gives us a bit more excitement.


Her newest single is “Origami,” with a more ebullient sound and multiple distinctive layers.  Although it’s a lot to take in for one song, the classic indie vocals tie it all together. However, even though the vocals sound like a classic indie song, the whole EP is very different from your typical indie song.


“Still so Young” is also another track that stands out. Woodes’ vocals flow beautifully along with the softer and relaxed energy given off. The acoustic guitar in this track softens the whole mood and adds to her delicate voice. It’s a perfect end to the EP, especially as the song itself gracefully fades into silence.


Golden Hour is a perfect name for this beautifully put together EP. Each song has an individual personality while they each make you feel nothing but positive emotions.


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