Just “Another Day” With Richard Tyler Epperson

Now more than ever artists are creating music that is ineffably relatable. The COVID-19 pandemic has put everyone in very similar situations of isolation, loneliness, and struggles with anxiety and depression. Singer/songwriter Richard Tyler Epperson has channeled those feelings into his latest single titled “Another Day” set for release on March 16th, 2021

“Another Day” puts to words what so many of us have been feeling while living through this new, pandemic-ridden world. There’s a delicacy to the instrumentals that entrance you, creating this melancholy moment that pairs perfectly with the song’s meaning. That sense of despair you feel when you trying to pull yourself from the pits of depression is captured well within this song.

Richard’s vocals are gentle and precise, tying in seamlessly to the instrumentals. You can tell that Richard worked to achieve a well rounded overall mood to this track. Everything within this song serves a purpose, no fluff or fillers.

As “Another Day” continues on you can feel a slight change of tune as despair turns to determination. The acoustic guitar brightens up and you can feel the subtle, yet growing fight for a better tomorrow. And while the confidence may not be fully behind the idea that better days lay ahead, Richard knows he has to believe that there is.

There’s such beauty to be found within this track. The light at the end of the tunnel serves as hope for all of us. 2021 is seeing some of the most masterful and emotionally riveting releases and this track is part of that. “Another Day” drops on March 16th.

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