Callum Lury Shares His Story About ‘Rosie’

Callum Lury

Some may know Callum Lury as part of the band The Blue Highways. With his brothers, Jack and Theo, they have been quickly building an impressive reputation. Due to their blend of folk meets blues sound, including gaining praise from Americana Music Association UK and Bob Harris. With all that has been going on, Lury has found time to create some new music of his own. Releasing his stunning debut single “Keep the Light On,” followed by “Hungry Love.” Both showcase a heartfelt lyrical quality brought to life with his sublime vocal presence. 

Now Lury is continuing to go with the momentum by releasing his latest single, “Rosie.” Yet again, it is a song written, arranged, performed and produced by himself. He says it is “inspired musically by my love for the piano-led rock music. It is responsible for me doing what I do today. Rosie is partly a love letter to the music that has shaped me. More than any other (Springsteen, Billy Joel, Elton John, and in particular, the piano playing of Roy Bittan). It is also a story of not giving up on your dreams, even if they seem to be getting smaller and harder to reach as you get older.”

While “Keep the Light On” and “Hungry Love” was all about the delicate emotional tone, “Rosie” offers something a little different. As soon as it begins, there is more energy compared to those released before it. When his fingers dance around the keys, you can hear his heroes at work. Especially as he shares the opening lines, “Hey Rosie, are you still awake? / I’ve got a plan to get us out of this place / Yeah we Ain’t as young as we thought we’d be / Seems time don’t wait around for people like you and me.”

Watch the video for “Rosie” below

As the song continues, the combination of Lury’s talents on the piano and vocal presence is a delight on the ears. It is a combination that gives his words more of an impact. You can hear this partnership in effect during the lines, “Come on, let’s go tonight / We’ll reach the city by daylight / We can sell that fancy new car / And buy ourselves a little rock’n’roll bar.” Even during the soft delivery of the lines, “So what’d you think Rosie’s it worth just one last shot? / It’s better to regret the things you’ve done than what you’ve not” it is a quality that still manages to stand out. 

Talking about outstanding moments, one of the best is when the song comes to a close. He lets his vocals fly as he delivers, “Rosie hold on tight / There’s magic in the night / Rosie hold on tight.” Afterwards, his voice continues to soar with an impressive balance of power and emotion. It caps off another great showing of Lury’s storytelling and musical talents.

Callum Lury let’s his storytelling qualities shine yet again with ‘Rosie’

Even though he has just released “Rosie”, there are plans for another single before the end of the year. While that is going on, he is still working hard with his brothers promoting The Blue Highways EP, I Wanna Party. Callum Lury has a lot going on, but it shows his thirst and passion for music.  Either solo or with his brothers, his songwriting and vocals deserve your listening time.

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