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Carrie Marshall

An artist that hopes for success must soak up all their experiences and be able to share them through their songwriting. This is no easy task but as with any skill, with enough practice you can perfect it. Our recent discovery Carrie Marshall has been hard at work exploring her art for years and is still expanding her reach.
Being born into a musical family set the path for Carrie Marshall at a young age. She began studying classical piano at the age of 7 and was performing Mozart and other classical composers by age 9. Soon after Carrie began writing her own compositions to explore music outside of the lines. She never would have guessed the journey she had begun.
Musical theater and literature became a big influence on her songwriting as Carrie Marshall found it painless to tell personal stories with her music. She would build up a great amount of life experiences to share on her travels throughout New England during her college years. She later had the opportunity to spend four years in the music city of Nashville, Tennessee. Here she truly studied the art of songwriting under the tutelage of world-class songwriters. Carrie soaked in the opportunities provided by such reputable organizations as the Nashville Songwriter’s Association and BMI as well as the regulars of the local music scene.
While in Nashville, Carrie Marshall also caught the acting bug and would enter the world of film and television. Her music pairs very well with this scene as well. Carrie has appeared in several independent films, commercials and national television shows. Her music has been featured in a couple independent films as well.

Now based in North Carolina, she shares the skills she has learned along the way at the Moonlight Stage Company. Carrie Marshall specializes in mentoring serious students in the study of voice, composition, and performance. As a performing singer/songwriter, Carrie’s life experiences are a valuable asset in coaching these students who desire to take their craft to the next level.

Carrie Marshall’s song “Does It Matter To Me” is the theme song for the upcoming independent film release, Changeover. The movie is in several film festivals around the world and has won multiple awards including the REMI Award at Houston Worldfest, the third Largest Indie Film Festival in North America next to San Fransisco and New York.
“Does It Matter To Me” is an elegant track with a beautiful piano line that pairs perfectly with Carrie’s vocals. She builds up to a powerful explosion of sound that draws the listener deep into the song. It takes you on a full ride through your emotions as it finishes with a flair and gentle letdown.

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Changeover has also been picked up for Distribution in the USA and UK by Flix Premier. You can watch it HERE.

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