Charlie Kulis Band Invites you To ‘Come And Getcha Some’

Charlie Kulis Band

It is amazing how the songs can flow when the right people get together to write. The combination of the right artists each putting their expertise into the mixing bowl can add up to some great music that would never have happened if they all tried to do it alone. Our recent discovery The Charlie Kulis Band is a testament to this idea of collaboration.

The musical project came about back in 2014 when songwriters Charlie Kulis, Rafe Van Hoy, and Ernie Petito came together to collaborate. Two full albums worth of songs came from the sessions and The Charlie Kulis Band was off and running. Together they create a type of urban Country rock that borrows from multiple genres to hit a wide variety of fans. It is fun music that will get you moving.

Earlier this year The Charlie Kulis Band released their Twisted EP to get their sound out into the world. Recorded in a basement known as Parcheesi Studios, the production is surprisingly top-notch. This is a fun radio-friendly sound that will catch on. 

The opener ‘Come and Getcha Some’ starts it off with a bang. The straight beat and bass groove drive the track as Charlie Kulis lays down lyrics that paint a picture that we all want to be a part of. A variety of players were brought in to fill out the sound including Bob Stander-bass and guitar, Shawn Murray- Drums, Paul Errico- Keys, John Widgren -pedal steel, Tabitha Fair and Neil CooMer- Background Vocals. 

It is a party that everyone is welcome to attend. Come and Getcha Some! Find more Charlie Kulis Band on FACEBOOK.

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