The Della Grants Welcome You to the ‘Live Room Sessions’

Della Grants

The Della Grants started as an idea in the summer of 2011 from Max Manning (lead vocals, guitar), Andy Boulton (bass), & Tom Walker (drums). At that time they were working as a cover band on a North Sea Ferry. Feeling that they weren’t fulfilling their potential they decided they wanted to create their own music. In what free time they had, they began writing their own material. They felt they needed a fourth member, which saw the arrival of Tom Best (vocals, guitar, harmonica). Recently, they have added the talents of Tony Robinson (keys, trumpet) to help give them a fuller sound on stage.

Named after the grandmother of the legendary Muddy Waters, The Della Grants are huge fans of the blues. This is clear to hear from their debut album Time for Change from 2014. This release feels like a respectful nod to the legends of this genre. They then followed up in 2015 with the EP First Fix which was well received by critics. Now the guys have returned with their new offering Live Room Sessions – Vol 1.

As the title confirms, this a live recording which was done at Yellow Bean Studios in the band’s hometown of Leicester. It features a selection of tracks from their previous releases as well as a cover of “Midnight Special,” originally by Lead Belly. It also includes new songs “Sunrise,” “William Clay,” and “The River.” Many of their heroes have created albums this way to capture the energy of their live performances. The Della Grants wanted to do the same.

If You Love the Blues, then You Need the Della Grants

Live Room Sessions – Vol 1 is a great collection of songs that captures exactly why The Della Grants shows are a must to see. The confidence that oozes throughout this album is proof that they believe in what they do. They have this cool and, at times, energetic vibe that is so easy on the ears.

Listening to the outstanding “Red Mist,” you will understand that these are a talented bunch of guys. Everyone brings something to the band which is integral to the sound that is The Della Grants. The energy in this song is so infectious and this is the reputation they bring to their live shows. But, they are not a one trick pony as they can slow things down which “Weaker Man” demonstrates. This is a sexy blend of blues and jazz that has a cool vibe. This wonderful atmosphere is helped by Robinson’s skills on the trumpet.

But, they still have more to offer as their lyrical content is equally impressive. They have been able to create some catchy hooks within the stories that they share. This is evident as you find yourself singing along after a few listens. It is also thanks to the vocal presence of Manning. He can switch between a stunning soulful tone to bringing power with a playful energy and does so with conviction. Give a listen to the song “More than Pray” to hear these skills at work.

Live Room Sessions – Vol 1 is an album that has no weakness. There are so many great songs of which “Lay My Head” and “William Clay” stand tall. If you love blues rock with stunning guitar solos and epic vocals, then this is for you. This release is also the perfect start if you are new to the band as it a bridge between their older material and new. Head over to Spotify to give their music a listen.

The guys are busy writing new songs for their next studio album. It promises to be more exciting and diverse than their previous offerings. Not only that but they are going to have a fun time on the road with gigs and festivals that they have planned.

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