equape – Musical Minds Working Together in Ambiance


Often when a musical project enters the realm of ambient genres there is only one musician behind all the sound.  It can be difficult for multiple minds and personalities to blend when the mood of the music is as important as the sound.  Our friends from equape are back to prove it can be done seamlessly.

The band formed in New York City a few years back but soon relocated to London, England to explore the scene and their own sound.  Equape is made up of Pablo J., Ray O., Dylan Z., Nader A., Desmond F., and Sasha Y.  Together they create a truly unique sound that they describe as electro-organic ambient indie rock.  The music is more than any preconceived genre though as it seems to touch on more senses than just hearing.  

Last month, on May 13th, equape released their second album called Around Forever on all the major digital outlets.   The 13 track record is set to take the listener on a fully immersive journey.  The band members state that the lyrics are very important to them and often have double meanings that allow each listener to choose his own message in the songs.  The opener “Back To The Womb” sets the tone with a spacey and somewhat mesmerizing soundscape punctuated by soft vocals that find their way deep into your mind.  The title track “Around Forever” begins with an elegant piano melody that morphs into a cacophony of noise seeming to attack from all angles.  Focus drifts to different sounds demanding multiple listens to take it all in.  The soundscape is littered with exotic sounds and harmonies and languages on “W.M.D.”

Enjoy “W.M.D.” by equape Here:


Inspiration creeps in from women on “Fall For Your Nature” as an excitement builds through the song.  The death of some truly great artists influenced equape’s songwriting as well.  Listen to the David Bowie influence on “Melt The Moon” and the touching personality oRobinin Williams on “Doubt About Me”.  

Overall this acts as a full album perfect for when your mind needs to leave the everyday world behind for an hour.  If you can not sit back and relax to Around Forever you need some deep meditation.  Get a listen to the record at:


Google Play:




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