Hayley Jane and the Primates Funding New Album

Hayley Jane

Hayley Jane and The Primates is a unique alternative-folk outfit based in California with more than just talent and a dream. Having been awarded New England Music Awards’ Roots/Americana act of the year in 2014, they’ve proven that they are a force to be reckoned with within the ever-growing indie community.

And they aren’t stoppin’ anytime soon.

Hayley Jane’s Hits

Hayley Jane and the Primates’ most recent album, 2013’s Gasoline, sounds like a Shakespearean blend of rock ‘n’ roll and 19th Century theatre. They’ve so masterfully crafted a sound that truly transcends all bounds of genre. Integrating sensational, almost literary, storytelling with piercing guitar solos and downright dazzling vocals, Hayley Jane and the Primates’ got somethin’ special.

Ranging from psychedelic electric to classic acoustic, Hayley Jane and the Primates send sonic jabs to their listeners from every possible direction. Songs like “The Right” come at you blatantly, grasping hold of your attention at the very start and squeezing tightly ‘til the very end. It’s the kind of song that seems to play out in front of you, forcing your mind to conjure its’ own theatrical choreography as it does.

The band boastfully showcases its diversity and versatility in songs like “Hey Mister” and “The Fix.” The former pulls vigorously from early ‘90s bluegrass, whereas the latter fearlessly blends ‘60s pop, soft rock, and even some psychedelic soul into a concoction fit for any and every listener.

Doin’ It Live

Hayley Jane and The Primates have shown no hesitation to step on stage and strut their stuff.

In the past year, they’ve visited pretty much every state in New England at least twice. They’ve awestricken crowds in the hustle and bustle of New York City and the peace and quiet of Connecticut. They’ve done shows in an icy Rhode Island November and on steamy October nights as far south as Tennessee.

Everywhere they go, they leave with new fans and bigger plans. This year, they’re hoping to record yet another album — currently being funded on Kickstarter, with only eight days left in the campaign — and continue to show their fans exactly what they’ve been working on.

Chip in and see what they have in store.


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