The Drama Dolls Return With Requiem

Drama Dolls

When we find a band that impresses us and we can provide a good honest review we hope that it inspires the group to keep pushing forward to their goals, and most importantly make more music.  There will always be a million things to do besides writing and recording new songs but this piece must be the main component of a band trying to get attention in the crowded music industry.  Our friends The Drama Dolls have been out there marketing and promoting hard but found time to put together another album.

The United Kingdom based band has found a way to produce full and professional sounding songs early in their career.  When the idea of The Drama Dolls was crafted by ex-Colony bassist Mike Cambridge.  Luckily he found like minds in keyboardist/engineer Agatha, and singer Chris Hodges.  Together they create epic, almost anthemic songs, that are ready for large stages.  There is a classic rock vibe within but the modern edge they add has made The Drama Dolls sound truly fresh and unique.  Comparisons to such luminaries as U2 and Muse are quite common.  

Epic Sounds From The Drama Dolls

The new album Requiem by The Drama Dolls is due out on June 27. We at Indie Band Guru were able to get an advanced listen and are excited for the rest of the world to hear what we heard.

The 10 track record should put the band on the radar of major rock radio stations. Right from the opener “Blink,” the vocals of Hodges jump right out at you for their strong presence and heartfelt delivery. The beat behind him causes a sped up energy in any listener.

Although it shares the same name as a Muse song, “Absolution” is quite different. The mellow opening builds slowly to focus on the lyrics and interesting melodies flow through the verses that explode in the chorus. The title track “Requiem” dives more into atmospheric territory with the full sonic space being filled with inspired instrumentation. The vocals are powerful here and will demand head nodding through the climax.

“Control”, which has 2 distinct versions (acoustic and electric) is a very mainstream ready song. There is an elegance throughout to create a beauty in the sound. The closing track, “The Hardest Part” brings it all together with classic rock melodies pushing forward the emotion filled singing to bring relatable feelings to the listener.

Keep tabs on what’s next and find the new album here.

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