Hopelessly In Love With Emmrose

Emmrose new single

Emmrose, released her latest single, “Hopeless Romantics,” as 2019 came to a close. The sixteen-year-old joins the list of young, independent, female artists we love to watch rise up from writing lyrics in her bedroom to raising cheers from the stage. Her sultry vocals and teasing lyrics suggest experience far beyond her years as she lures listeners into her dark, immersive tracks.

Similar to Florence + the Machine, Emmrose uses any sound ranging from the uptempo, Latin-influenced rhythm in “Hopeless Romantics” to the haunting piano in “Tonight” as a backdrop to deliver dark, poetic lyrics to her fanbase. This New Yorker has managed to release four singles available on Spotify in the past year, despite her attendance at La Guardia High School as a junior.

Lovers of indie and alternative music died and were reborn when Lorde released the existential yet unbelievably relatable album “Pure Heroine” at age 17. Nineteen-year-old Clairo dropped her dreamy bedroom pop single “Pretty Girl” on Youtube in 2017, leading to millions of streams and several offers from record labels. The world has watched Billie Eilish skyrocket in popularity to headline at renown festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo before her 18th birthday.

Female musicians of this ilk prove to the world that you don’t have to circle the scene for years before you can earn your stripes to get noticed. You don’t have to “know” somebody, live in LA, or even know how to contour in order to do what you love. The one thing that does matter? Genuine lyrics that give a unique take on the world and the drive to connect. We’re seeing more Gen Z female musicians take to the spotlight because these women produce songs with a surprising amount of depth and wisdom audiences can relate to regardless of the age gap between fan and performer.

‘Emmrose never shies from being her honest self, even if that means admitting feeling like a hopeless romantic in the modern world.’

Emmrose embodies this mindset with her love of singing and songwriting practiced alongside the life of an everyday high schooler. However, it would be criminal to write her off as a moody teen. The track “Hopeless Romantics” brings to mind the playful danger that comes with falling for someone new, not knowing where you stand and what you might gain (or lose) from playing with fire. Torrison’s melancholic vocals swirl around rhythmic congas in a passionate frenzy that encapsulates the pull one feels towards a game of chance, the appeal of risk we can all relate to when it comes to romance.

This New York romantic shows great promise and even greater heart. As stated in her latest press release, ‘Emmrose never shies from being her honest self, even if that means admitting feeling like a hopeless romantic in the modern world.’ Her next performance is on March 15, 2019 at The Bitter End in New York City. Visit her website for more details.

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