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aaron Beri

Recent discovery singer-songwriter Aaron Beri is an intense fellow. Born and raised in England, it was on a rooftop in Manhattan one bitter evening that he discovered his passion for songwriting. The result is a melodic memoir born of experience. His debut album ‘Avalanche’ explores the turbulence of a relationship that is slowly melting away. We had a chance to chat with Aaron Beri about his music, new album, and intense staring powers. Enjoy the interview below:

How would you describe your sound?

At the moment my sound is very much pop with a hint of R&B. Having said that, I think when you listen to the Avalanche album you’ll realize that the songs all have different qualities and I try not to make my sound too uniform. For example ‘What did we do’ has a much more electronic sound, whereas ‘Stay’ is more acoustic.

Which classic and modern artists have been influences on you?

I try not to emulate other artists too much, however growing up I listened to lots of different music. In our house, it was pretty common to have Luther Vandross, Toni Braxton, and George Michael playing. I’m sure each of them has influenced me in their own way.

Your music seems to be very personal. What inspires your songwriting?

I think the best songs are those written from experience. You should write what you know, and I certainly tried to do that with my latest album. Avalanche is a concept album, depicting the turbulence of a relationship from its happy beginning to the inevitable end. Although the themes that Avalanche explores are universal, I drew heavily on my personal experiences and hopefully, listeners will hear that in my lyrics. My next releases will explore new territory, but one constant is that each track represents something important to me.


On the cover for your album ‘Avalanche’, you have quite the intense look. Are you peeking into my soul?

I don’t always look that intense but the idea of surviving the equivalent of an emotional avalanche demanded a pretty intense album cover. I try not to peak too much into anyone’s soul – you never know if you’ll like what you see!

How has your sound developed with more songwriting? What is your songwriting process?

I think my sound is getting more diverse. That’s both a consequence of my strengthening voice and becoming more confident to experiment with new sounds. My new songs will include some sweet beats alongside strong piano ballads, so the challenge is to explore that range whilst still maintaining some consistency. In terms of my songwriting process, I typically get a melody that sticks in my head and everything gets built around that. It’s not always the chorus that I start with, but often the riff might be just a small part of the song.

What advice would you have for other independent artists on the rise?

I think my best advice would be to try and remain true to the sound you want to create and believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, it’s hard to convince an audience you’re worth listening to. 

What is next for Aaron Beri?

I’m currently recording songs for an EP, which should be ready later this year. In addition, I plan to release a separate single in a couple of months, which I’m excited about. I’m also working on songs for an album I hope to put together next year and recording some collabs with other artists.

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