Interstate Drive get honest with their new single ‘All I Ever See Is You’

Interstate Drive

Three-piece Interstate Drive are back with their new track, “All I Ever See Is You”. They have already showcased their talents with the impressive singles “Sundowns and Hurricanes” and “Mirror Mirror”. However, “Invented” and “Open Your Eyes” confirmed they are a band to watch. Not only that, but their live shows have been gaining great reviews too.  

Cameron Davidson (guitars, piano, vocals), Andy Syson (drums) and Paul Irwin (bass) are excited about the release of their new single. Davidson says it’s “inspired and written by a health issue I had a few years ago. It resulted in having my thyroid removed, hence the butterfly over the mouth front cover imagery. That itself, was supposed to symbolise something silencing someone’s ability to talk about something. It always seems like the things that affect people the most are the things that stop us from talking about them. I wanted the whole song to grow over the play, which I think it has achieved”.

“All I Ever See Is You” opens up with a gentle instrumental moment before Davidson begins to share his words. It starts with the lines, “She’s a dream prepared to let us die /  And I’m just sat here in silence / Everything that we created falls apart / This is all of me, I had all of you to start”. As he shares these words, he pulls in the listener with his gentle and emotional tone. It is a trait that helps make this and their previous releases stand out. It also highlights the connection he has to his lyrics.

His vocals excel further as he shares the chorus. When it first arrives, his voice is gentle, and each word oozes genuine emotion. It helps to give the following lines more of an impact, “Run away, what is real? How am I supposed to feel? / All I ever see is you / Every day we come undone; all we need is to be one / All I ever see is you”. Afterwards, the hook delivers an emotional punch. Even though the mood has slightly changed, it takes nothing away from its message. 

However, the soundtrack created by the band as a whole deserves some respect too. The trio blend their musical talent to ensure the right mood to enforce the emotional tone of the lyrics. Everyone understands the part they play and that they all share the same goal. It’s a delicate performance from the start until the first chorus ends. Afterwards, they slowly intensify their sound to help create more passion and to give the lyrics more meaning. 

‘All I Ever See Is You’ offers honest lyrics and vocals with a stunning soundtrack. It is a captivating combination that makes the music by Interstate Drive stand out.

As the tempo slowly intensifies, it helps to give “All I Ever See Is You” a big finish. When it’s over, it leaves you wanting more. It’s a sign of the high calibre of songwriting and sound that Interstate Drive delivers. Good news, there is more in the works. There is a new song already planned, one that has gone down well during their live shows. Hopefully, this momentum will lead to an EP or album, as we need more of their music.

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