Joe Corbin

Some musicians thrive when performing live, Joe Corbin is one of them. This blues rocker has developed a reputation for his lively stage presence. However, he is no one trick pony. He can slow things done to deliver soulful moments filled with honest emotion. With heroes such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Buckley, Bill Withers and Otis Redding, it is clear to see how they have helped to shape his world of music.

Corbin has released his new EP Brixton Sky. He has described this as “a collection of songs, written around the time of a breakup. I wrote most of the songs in Brixton, which is a backdrop for the EP. Recorded in my friend’s lounge in Brighton, we tried to keep in all the natural studio noise. Every creak and every breath. Which I guess (or I hope) helped retain, reflect all of the simplicity and honesty found in the lyrics”.

The EP opens up with “Testify”. It instantly welcomes the listener to the delicate soulful tone that Corbin has to offer. Not only that, but its captivating atmosphere is set thanks to some great use of the guitar with various percussion instruments. However, there is something about the use of the upright bass which gives this track a heartbeat. The vocals and bass seem to dance around each other. Especially during its hook “I wanna testify, throw my hands up in the Sky, am I justified? / Losing my mind, never can be satisfied / cause I am just a poor fool with a song”.

“Brixton Sky” is all about heartbreak as Corbin bears his soul to the listener. The emotions within the opening lines say it all, “I broke your heart and I don’t know why / And now I’m looking to a Brixton Sky / For all the answers and reasons why, all my love could ever fade and die / Think I was looking for a Brixton Sky”. The music takes a step back as the vocals do all the work to create a special moment from the EP.

Next up is the track “Never Enough” which has a soulful tone that has a familiar feel to Michael Kiwanuka. His vocals are flawless. Especially when he delivers the lines “Don’t let me fade away / Don’t let me fade away / It may not be tomorrow / it may not be today / but I fear I will fade away”. There is a warmth to his voice that adds so much and invites you in to listen.

Joe Corbin’s ‘Brixton Sky’ is all about Soul

The EP comes to a close with “I Don’t Believe in Love” which is about when love comes to an end. He sets the scene with the opening lines “I’m staring at the empty glass beside me / Haven’t been home in days / We did our best to keep the love from going under / But we drowned it all the same”. It’s clear to hear that this is a personal track which he wrote with his heart on his sleeve.

Brixton Sky is such a stunning collection of songs which leaves you wanting more. Credit where it is due, this is because of the calibre and heart within his songwriting. Joe Corbin has created something that you feel as well as hear and deserves all the praise that it will receive.

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