Junior is Here But ‘Love Is Gone’


The start of a serious music career is a very exciting time. When the music you create and record starts to sound just like it did in your head you know you are on to something. This is the point a lot of artists are at their ‘make or break’ moment. There will be a lot more hard work coming but if you truly love your own music it will all be worth it. Our recent discovery Junior seems to be at this point and also seems to have the determination to be a breakout artist in 2019.

The pop singer out of Hoboken, New Jersey has all the right elements coming together and a solid mindset to keep it going. Energy is what drives Junior. He has found a way to pour that energy into his music and the result is something that energizes the listener as well.

Junior says “When writing a song, I always picture it being performed at a giant concert with thousands of people.” This big feel translates well into what we have heard so far.

Junior is about to release his debut music video for the track “Love Is Gone”. Elements of electro, EDM, new wave, and, arena rock combine for a song that grabs the attention of the listener immediately. This is certainly big, energy-inducing music.

Junior Will Grab Your Attention in 2019

The steady electronic drum beat drives a powerful emotion as a variety of instrumentation gives the song true depth as well. To add to the ‘size’ of “Love Is Gone”, Junior brought in a 25-member choir for the chorus. Now it feels as if with every listen you are surrounded by a huge crowd singing along. You will find yourself singing along quite quickly as well.

The energy that flows back and forth from performer to audience is intoxicating. We will be on the lookout for more music and videos from Junior this year and recommend you do the same. Find more HERE. He is definitely an artist to keep your eyes and ears on this year.