KM – True Grinding Paying Off


There are a million excuses that anyone can make as to why they can’t put in the work it takes to become a successful artist.  Life will always be an obstacle that tries to take you off the path.  When there is true passion for the dream, nothing can get in the way.  Our recent find KM is a testament to this drive for success.

The hard-working hip-hop artist was born in Germany and spent some childhood time in Arizona and Virginia.  KM now has set his roots in Charlotte, North Carolina and entrenched himself in the music scene.  All the while he has been holding down a 9 to 5 corporate job to support his dreams.  KM is the epitome of grinding.  This always working lifestyle has provided a lot of material for him to write songs about.  Past songs have tapped into love lost, paying back student loans, childhood upbringing, the stresses of having a 9-5 and the never ending tale of the pursuit of happiness.

KM Gets Out There To Make It Happen

With every free moment KM can shake free he is out there sharing and further developing his skills.  He has been hitting every open mic venue throughout Charlotte and the surrounding areas.  This type of dedication is all too rare in the hip hop game nowadays but KM is here to show what hard work can accomplish.



The new single “Anywhere” is being pushed hard by KM and seems to be catching on with a fanbase looking for something fresh and real.  There is a smooth yet uptempo beat right from the start helped along with the hook by Jaron Strom.  When KM’s lyrics come in attention is demanded as he spills real life for all to hear.  He speaks clearly so every listener can get deep into his world.

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