Kung Fu Jesus Leads Us To A New Experience

Kung Fu Jesus

In this new ultra connected world we live in, music is everywhere. Genre boundaries do not exist and music has expanded into all medias. Distance is no longer an issue either. Our most recent discovery Kung Fu Jesus proves all of this in one musical project.

Indie Band Guru is based in New York City but the power of connectivity and the internet has brought Kung Fu Jesus from Lanark in Scotland directly to our ears. The prolific songwriter aka Craig Snape has found a way to blend classic rock n roll with electro rhythms and pretty vocal harmonies with meaning into one perfect little package. The KFJ package is not in any pre-ordained little box that the mainstream music industry puts forth. The barriers are broken and the music is left to its own devices.

Let Kung Fu Jesus Enter Your Mind

An interesting technique of “first thought, best thought” is used to go in a specific direction without moving on tangents that get away from the main idea of the song. The almost stream of consciousness lyrics let the listener’s mind flow alongside the mind of Kung Fu Jesus for a truly in tune musical journey.



Earlier in August, Kung Fu Jesus teamed up with Rubber Taxi Records for the release of the Shine A Light” single. The mellow vocal tone crashed with energetic electronic beats and an intriguing melody crafts a song that is truly unique. There are influences wrapped within from such bands as Tame Impala, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and even The Kinks. There is depth to the music that demands multiple listens to take it all in. Add on top the stunning visuals of the music video and you have a full multimedia experience.

The aim is to keep expanding the experience with the development of The Kung Fu Jesus game app coming soon for IOS and Android devices. From the preview, it looks like there is plenty of adventure to take within the mind of this enigmatic artist.

Prepare yourself first and let go of all mental restrictions, then dive into the Kung Fu Jesus world on FACEBOOK and find his music on iTUNES.

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