Mayne – Setting Goals For Music Success


Just like anyone who wishes for success in life, an artist must set goals and believe in them.  They can be lofty goals as long as the dedication to work hard to achieve them accompanies it. Our recent find Mayne, also known by the name Trent D. May, is young in his career but seems to be on the right track for big time success.

The singer-songwriter hails from the relaxed vibe of Sutter Creek, California. Mayne started singing in choir class back in elementary school and the fire was lit.  He also appreciated writing his own lyrics and has been working hard to improve that skill since his school days. Mayne says “I enjoy writing music because it is challenging to piece it all together, like a puzzle. Once I’m done writing a song, I feel a sense of accomplishment.”  

Big Goals For Mayne

Although still relatively young in his music career, Mayne has set big goals for himself including winning a Grammy one day. His sound is heavily influenced by the 90’s Hip-Hop and Rap he grew up listening to. Originally he wrote rap lyrics but soon discovered he could add even more passion by singing his words with a more R&B slant.  

The latest track by Mayne is “Sit in Silence”. Enjoy the song here:



The track is a smooth and mellow one with a sexy R&B feel.  Mayne shows off both his lyrical skill and sultry singing voice here.  This combination is a rare treat in today’s music scene.  The fact that he is also an aspiring Actor/Model will draw in even more ladies to his romantic filled sound.  

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