Old Glory and The Black Riviera return with their new single ‘Waiting For You (To Come Home)’

Old Glory and The Black Riviera

It has been a long wait for new music by Old Glory and The Black Riviera. Back in 2018, they burst onto the scene with their outstanding self-titled EP. Each song did not fail to impress. It was a rare release that is all killer, no filler, blending rock, blues and country to ensure that each moment offered something different. Of all that was on offer, it is the exceptional tracks “Hold Me Down”, “Downtown”, and “Up The Road” that showcase their talent the most. Together, they deliver an impressive range and depth of sound. All with captivating storytelling qualities. All excellent reasons why you need to hear their music.

Now, Jay Davies (vocals/guitar), Jay Meehan (lead guitar), Aaron Pointon (bass) and Myles Pockett (drums) return with their new single “Waiting For You (To Come Home)”. They say it’s a “powerful return full of nostalgia dripping hooks, riffs and melodies. Firmly routed in solid writing and an attention to tone harking back to a golden era of music yet still not out of place to a modern audience”.

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“Waiting For You (To Come Home)” opens up with a guitar solo to set the mood. There is a rock vibe to how the band comes together to open up its soundtrack. However, Once Davies comes in with his vocals, the mood switches to more of a bluesy sound. You hear it as he delivers the opening lines, “I’m not wasting my time on you / Yes it’s true it was always you / In the darkest time of day / Yes it’s true it was always”. 

From then on, the bluesy mood continues to flow. The captivating soundtrack is a credit to how the band as a whole and the vocals intertwine. When the song reaches the final third, they all step things up to deliver a fantastic instrumental moment. When this arrives, Meehan lets his guitar skills shine. He makes his six-string sing with stunning effect, and you want it to continue for longer. It is just one of the many reasons “Waiting For You (To Come Home)” is so good on the ears. 

If that is not enough, the guys have created another captivating hook. Davies uses his vocal talents to add a heartfelt tone to his words. You can hear the emotion as he delivers the lines, “I’m sitting here / Waiting for you to come home / All this time knowing that I was in the wrong / I’ve been sitting here for so long / All this time knowing that I was in the wrong”. It enforces the superb way Old Glory and The Black Riviera continue to create music with honest and grounded tones. 

If you are looking for some blues-rock goodness, then you need to hear “Waiting For You (To Come Home)” by Old Glory and The Black Riviera. It does not disappoint.

When you finish listening to “Waiting For You (To Come Home)”, it leaves you wanting more. The good news is, there is a new EP on the way. The guys have said they “look to develop further as both songwriters and performers, even introducing new soundscapes into their music. A bold step forward for Old Glory and The Black Riviera with all the soul still in place”. From what the band have delivered so far, there is no doubt that this upcoming EP will be essential listening. 

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