Rhythmic Statues Show Off Talents on ‘One Big Day’

rhythmic statues

The road to being part of a successful band is rarely straight forward and never easy.  When a musician lets in diverse and varied experiences they become better individual musicians.  When a few of these talented individuals come together to form a band a kind of magic happens.  This seems to be the case with our recent discovery Rhythmic Statues.

The band based in Austin, Texas is often described as an American Jam band but there never seems to be an obstacle for them to enter any genre.  The band was originally formed in the early 2000’s but lives took different roads giving the members amazing musical experiences that they brought back to the group.  Rhythmic Statues is made up of Mike Morgan: bass, vocals, songwriter; Carter Arrington: guitar; Pat Manske: drums, percussion; and Darrell Commander: keyboards, vocals.  Together they share their extreme talents to create something that is even greater than the sum of its parts.  There is influence evident from all over the musical spectrum that creates something fresh yet still relatable to fans of all these genres.

After a long road, Rhythmic Statues have finally released their debut album One Big Day.  The 12 track record showcases what experience and hard work can amount to when combining with the right group of musicians/friends.  Right of the bat with the opener “Social Causes” you know you are in for a jam-tastic ride.  The over 7-minute song gives each band member some time to feature their skills.  The exotic sounds that begin “Dancing At The Zoo” open up an experimental mind and ear.  The bouncy and fun style of the vocals brings to mind crossover stars such as The Barenaked Ladies.  The smile the song puts on your face will be around for awhile as you find yourself dancing along.  The album also includes a radio edit that should be playing on college radio right now.  

The shortest song on the Jam album, “Jump” at under 3 minutes brings in some true Blues flavor as piano and guitar solos make one jealous of their own lack of instrumental skill (maybe that is just me).  The title track “One Big Day” is a more subdued anthem with a mellow beat to give your mind a chance to calm back down from the energy of the playlist.  This also shows a softer side to the Rhythmic Statues that can ease a troubled mind.  “Slipping And Floating” continues this theme with a relaxing almost 10-minute epic.

The other lead single “You Say You Got No Money” turns up the funk with a bass groove that gets your bopping almost instantly.  The harmonized chorus takes a country tinged tone before the funk gets your ass groovin’ again.  I can listen to this one all day.  
You can sample and buy One Big Day at CD Baby

Dive deeper into the Rhythmic Statues at http://www.rhythmicstatues.com/

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