Roman Takes Country To The City


All too often we assume that certain styles of music must be from certain areas of the world. Why? We all get to hear music from all over the world. Why can’t we be influenced by it and put our own spin on it, even if we are not in the heart of the genre? Our new find ROMAN shows that it is quite possible to expand the reach of a musical style.

Based in the never stopping New York City, Roman spent years producing, writing, and sitting in on studio sessions for a revolving door of NYC artists through a variety of musical genres. He took all of it in and learned a great deal. The influences were abound.

What really struck Roman though was the New Orleans Jazz and Alt-Country Rock sounds. He found something there that truly inspired him. It helped Roman combined that with his NYC upbringing and developed a unique sound that is all his own.

The Roman Empire IS Ready To Rise

Now Roman has released his debut album titled Empire. It is an amalgamation of his favorite alt-country rock sounds along with a particularly NYC attitude. Everyday life is thrown in there with real experiences being shared.

The opener “Come On Over Here” draws you in right away with its slightly dark melody and uniquely Roman vocal delivery. The pictures painted will get your head nodding in agreement and toes tapping along to the beat.

We hear the love of New Orleans on “Saints”. Stealing some lyrics from a song that we all know, Roman is able to take it to another level with superb female backing vocals and a whistle solo. Simple yet inspiring. The title track “Empire” shows some real emotion. It seems as if Roman is willing to pour his heart out to the listener and let him inside. This is real songwriting.



We get the energy kicked up along with a little comedic flair on “Dirty Bird.” The drums pound forward and a guitar solo wake up the audience. This is the first time the vocals put a little bit of country accent into the lyrics. That may just be part of the humor here.

The record closes as it should with a “Thank You”. The country tinged guitar offers a soft and sweet melody. The lyrics are just as sweet. When Roman asks the listener to sing along with him there will be no voices left unheard.

You can keep up with what’s coming from Roman on his WEBSITE or his social media accounts:




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