Sara Phillips – Setting The House On Fire

Sara Phillips

It will forever be unknown exactly what it is that draws in a legion of fans.  There is obviously a gameplan that each artist must follow but the tipping point can come at any time.  The key is to keep putting in the hard work needed and strive for greatness.  Our recent discovery, Sara Phillips put in that work and has really started catching on with new fans recently.

The independent singer-songwriter originally hails from Montreal, Canada.  Sara Phillips moved around to gain some experience through North America and is now settled in Los Angeles, California.  While living in New York City for almost four years, she honed her craft performing at the city’s most storied venues along with a multitude of other talented artists.  The original style of Sara Phillips has some real soul to it but remains relatable enough to stay in the pop genre.  She claims influence from songwriting greats such as Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Amy Winehouse.  During her tour of North America, Sara Phillips wrote, co-produced, and recorded her self-titled debut EP.  The record caught on and spread like wildfire grabbing her an army of new followers eager for more.

Now Sara is back for more with the release of her new album Sea Change.  The 8 track record explores more of her raw emotion and atmospheric sound.  The lead single “House Of Fire” sets the tone with a minimalistic beat setting up the sultry vocals to take the lead.  The beat slinks its way deep into your mind as Sara takes full control of your ears and brain.  It is almost as if you become a part of the song as you listen.  This is what great songwriting is all about.

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